June 2, 2013


Pictures of the neighborhood


A few weeks ago, I grabbed the camera on my way over to a friend’s house, I get to live in and drive through some very pretty country, we have been here a little over 5 years now, one of the first things I thought when we first moved here was that I hope I never get used to the views out here, I’m still awed by them. This is the high desert, in the mountains of far western Texas.

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Power decentralised in Germany

Perhaps its because of the political structure, with powerful local government, but Germany’d centralised energy system is quickly dissolving.

Germany’s power companies are closing power plants and scrapping plans for new ones. The nation had a freak-out after the Fukushima disaster and decided to abolish nuclear power by 2023. Meanwhile, energy prices continue to sink, and solar installation continues to grow. By decentralizing power generation, the renewables boom could do to the power industry what the internet did to the media: put power in the hands of the little guy, and force power companies to rethink how they do business.
As soon as the sun comes out, that is.

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