Off-Grid Communities

If you’re planning to go off-grid, spending some time in a community can be a good way to learn the basics. Here’s where to find communities online.

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Off-grid communities produce their own electricity and are nearly self-sufficient. The expenses for the house are shared and everyone participates in house and land maintenance , and sometimes in the production of food.
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Diggers and Dreamers is a website for people who live or want to live in a community in the UK.

Brithdir Mawr is an off-grid community in Wales

Steward Wood is another off-grid community in the UK . They have a micro-hydro dam and live in self-built cabins and shelters.

For a list of self-sustainable communities around the world see the Global Ecovillage network

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  1. 45 year old male jack of all trades looking to go off-grid prefer to do it in washington,idaho area would like a small community to join to help each other through the hard times and enjoy the good

  2. My husband and I are looking for off-grid communities in Idaho. We live in south central Idaho now but would be interested in Idaho, Montana and Northern Washington. My husband is a small engine repair man and I am a retired EMT- A .

  3. This system is broken and it is breaking me. I want to be free to live, love and enjoy life on my terms. I have been researching off-grid living and am desperate to get out of this rat-race and into true abundance.

  4. I have been operating a garage door company in Denver for 15 years. I was doing very well until my divorce. Ex had made herself primary shareholder and eventually ended up with everything. I’m still working in Denver buy would love to not have a cell phone. Not worry about paperwork and the headache involved in running a business that is now in shambles. Years ago before moving to Denver, I spent five years hitchhiking around the US and Europe. I actually lived entirely self sufficient in the desert south of Sedona, AZ for about six months. I think that was the happiest time in my life. I’m looking to walk away from everything I have left here in Denver, including my business. I love the northwest.

  5. I am looking for some where in the lower smokie mountains. I have multiable skills and am a hard worker. I have a family and am in need of a better way of life.

  6. helloim a 48 yr old white male looking for a community that want people i have swkills in all aspects of building (ele plumbing carpentry) and others i curently live in a 37 foot rv and have a garden im not great at but imlearning anyone interested please let me know

  7. Me and my long term boyfriend are interested in off-grid living. We recently moved from mass to florida because we hate the high taxes and extremely cold winters but this does not seem to completely fulfill our need to live self sufficient, working 40hrs a week to take home half and then spend all of it on crappy cable, high electric bills and expensive yet unsatisfying not nutritious food is redundant! We want to live in a off-the grid community and enjoy the fruit of our labor and the wonderful mother earth, we do hate the extreme cold, if there are any communities like this please let us know or land to buy near a hub community we would appreciate it thank you, christine and jose

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