No man is an island


No man is an island, in the case of those wanting to go off-grid, that must also remain true. So often, those who are looking to go off-grid, to become more self sufficient, tend to want to get away from society, and getting away from the big cities, the major population centers is a good idea. But don’t take it so far that you become isolated, that is usually not a good idea under any circumstances.

Moving to a less populated area, a place where you can spread out and do the things you want to do with less scrutiny, that is a wonderful desire, but be sure you are still close enough to other people that you can get help when needed, and don’t forget about companionship, we aren’t designed to be alone all of the time, we humans need the warmth of another person, even someone who wishes to be a hermit.

Try to find a community where you can take part in living, not only for your own benefit, but doing things to help out the community will go a long way toward becoming “one of them”, something that is very important, especially if things go wrong on a large scale.

Something that is happening in my community, the church I belong to has been starting up several outreach programs, we have been going out into the community and helping people, with no strings attached, this has been bringing the community closer and closer together, helping each other, knowing each others needs, this is a benefit to all.

You don’t need to join an organized outreach, you can do it yourself, go out, find a need and fill it. Perhaps it’s an elderly neighbor, or someone who just needs an extra set of hands. Those few hours you spend helping someone else will benefit you as well, while helping someone clean out their garage or shed, you might spot something that you can use that they are wanting to get rid of… or when you have a need, there will be someone, or several someone’s there to lend you a hand.

Be part of your community, no matter where you live.

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  1. This is a great idea, although I’ve been trying to get neighbors interested in cooperative and reciprocal actions for decades and people are so deliberately conditioned to be atomized at this point that the resistance is phenomenal.
    I would maintain that this deliberately programed island mentality is a big part of the reason that the society is imploding. The controllers have made a concentrated effort to atomize people so they don’t organize together to take away some of the control. These controllers have succeeded quite well here when it comes to union busting.
    There is indeed a tendency to want to get away from the masses of brainwashed sheep, but this will be only a temporary solution to the problem and in fact will ultimately play into the controllers’ hands.
    The fundamental problem is that the brainwashing is so deep and widespread that it is everywhere.
    Soooo, the other thing to guard against in your move to a small town off-grid living situation is to guard against falling into just another insulated island of brainwashed folks, just because you feel accepted and supported by them. Living in this sort of island of brainwashed mentality may seem like an improvement over the mass of brainwashed folks you left behind, but has its own dangerous pitfalls.

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