November 10, 2013


No man is an island


No man is an island, in the case of those wanting to go off-grid, that must also remain true. So often, those who are looking to go off-grid, to become more self sufficient, tend to want to get away from society, and getting away from the big cities, the major population centers is a good idea. But don’t take it so far that you become isolated, that is usually not a good idea under any circumstances.

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The Pantry Primer: Where to stash your stockpile


Stockpiles: they aren’t just for pantries anymore!

You might be wondering where on earth you can stash all of the food required for a one-year pantry.  Unless you have a pantry the size of a master bedroom suite, it won’t take long to exceed the limits of your available kitchen storage.  But don’t despair! There are lots of little nooks, crannies, and storage areas around most homes that will allow you to discreetly put away a year’s supply of food for your family. Even those who dwell in apartments or other small spaces might be surprised to discover how many little hidden areas they actually have.

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