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UK Digger and Tractor manufacturer, JCB has launched its first hybrid diesel-electric generator set, supposedly intended for the off-grid market. But it does not allow for renewable energy inputs.

JCB claim to have developed an “intelligent,” hybrid generator. Based on the QS generators, there are 24 high-capacity, deep-cycle battery cells stored in the base of the unit. The batteries are charged by the generator itself during periods of higher load, when the engine is operating most efficiently.

The InteliHybrid generator has been planned to satisfy a range of off-grid power needs. Its designers stated that the unit has applications across a diverse range of sectors, including construction, telecoms, agriculture, mining, and events.

During low-load periods, the batteries supply the power while the engine is on standby ready for the high load to return, just like an automotive start-stop system .

JCB s InteliHybrid claims fewer emissions and considerably lower fuel consumption than conventional models. A 100kVA generator, for instance, can burn up to 120 litres of diesel per day, running at low load. By resting its engine for 8 hours and letting the unit s batteries to take over, the InteliHybrid can save end users in the region of 40 litres of fuel per day. In addition, with no noise whatsoever and decreased carbon emissions, the hybrid configuration is ideal for use at urban locations.

The InteliHybrid s high-power invertor unit converts the stored energy into 230V/50Hz, or 220V/60Hz AC supply . He added, Three internal charger units charge the battery from the engine operation, but they can also be charged from the mains using a separate input socket. Inbuilt cooling fans minimise heat build-up during charging . JCB s LiveLink telematics system will be supplied as standard on the InteliHybrid, allowing users to access data relating to engine and battery use. JCB hope that the InteliHybrid has the potential to integrate renewable energy sources, such as wind or solar, in the future. But they cannot guarantee this will further decrease running costs as alternative energy sources become more readily available.

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  1. Here’s a great off-grid tech story for you: The Ultimate backup charger for off-grid living and emergency prep is now crowdfunding on IndieGoGo! Its design has won 4 major awards this year. Seems like it would be good for the part time off-grid protesters you mentioned.

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