Million pounds of food on 3 acres!

We have often written about this before: How a smart use of existing resources and low cost technology could easily feed the world if there was a true common will of eradicating hunger and poverty and if we could move beyond forced scarcity from our anti-economic systems.

I believe its important to learn these production methods in our communities and towns, or at least the existence of them so we can increase the resilience of our society and move from a scarcity system to one of abundance.

This system is labor intensive but what would happen if we could summon and mix the powers of automation and robotics with these techniques for the well being of all people?

Imagine what could be done with the technology and money spent on an $350 million F-22 Raptor Militar Aircraft and the food waste from a major city?

just some thoughts…

Read this book: How to Grow More Vegetables (and fruits, nuts, berries, grains, and other crops) than you ever thought possible on less land than you can imagine by John Jeavons.

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  1. Kevin I think those advancements that come from the military are because the massive money and resources pushed into it and not because it is the military. Inject the same energy an money to scientific research and education through motivation instead of fear and maybe we can one day be civilized. I don´t understand how could someone support the military knowing what interest are behind the whole theater. It´s about where to focus energy and money, it has nothing to do with a military institution. Just think about it.. the same happend with most of the best graphic designers, they end up doing ads for coca cola. So if you don´t have over a billion on the bank, and assets your are not part of the club that should be supporting the military and the coorporations.

  2. Eric I find your comment misguided. Just about every medical advancement, psychological advancement, and technological advancement in the last two centuries is due in one form or another to the military. Most technology, especially telecommunication, has stemmed from the military need to see and hear things on the battlefield. The same is true with medical technology. Advancing hemostatic agents to stop bleeding, or about every advancement in surgery or prosthesis again is due to the military.

  3. Why not “pick on the military”? Vast amounts of Pentagon spending is sheer waste that doesn’t buy us any security, and in fact steals money from actual human need. Shouldn’t we be spending our money to enhance human life as much as possible? Tons of pro-human research in medicine, psychology, technology, education, etc., is underfunded. Every day we flush billions down the Pentagon toilet is a day we’re shooting ourselves in the foot.

  4. Why pick on the F-22? Why not consider the billions spent on foodstamps that would no longer be needed? I’m not sure what an anti-military bias has to d with feeding people, but I can sure see the value of massively mitigating the need for a social welfare program that exists simply because we choose not to feed ourselves and our neighbors.

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