McDonalds switch to used cooking oil

McDonalds truck
They want your grease

After a successful trial in the Netherlands, hamburger chain McDonalds will power all its UK delivery trucks with cooking oil by the year end. The 155 trucks will run on biodiesel made entirely from used oil collected from the burger bars.

The UK trucks will initially use a blend of 85 per cent biodiesel and 15 per cent rapeseed oil. The move is further evidence of the long-lasting effect of the anti-McDonalds campaign a decade ago. Many of the leaders of that group are now living off-grid in Steward Wood, Devon.

A year ago, after a sustained campaign by Greenpeace, McDonald

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  1. I want to know that company what to do with ” Used Cooking Oil” .
    1. If sale in market so what`s the prosizer & rate with quantity.
    2. What prosizer of sample.
    3. Contact no. to the person whom the outhantic this type of business.

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