Run on vegetable oil

In 1997, Joshua Tickell set off to tour America in his van. Nothing amazing about that, you’ll tell me, just another kid going on a road trip. Well, Tickell’s road trip was different, because his van was different.

Powered exclusively with cooking oil turned into fuel, Tickell’s ‘Veggie Van’ is 100% ecological and releases no toxic compounds into the atmosphere. It is Tickell’s effort to raise public awareness of the need for alternative, environment-friendly fuels. The van has been touring ever since it started in 1997, going to universities, film festivals, town meetings and political meetings promoting the use of biodiesel.

Want to make your own fuel?

For cheap, easy to make alternative fuel, just collect cooking oil from chip shops and restaurants around you, get yourself some gloves, goggles and a big, big pan

oil bottles

Save money on gas by making fuel out of recycled frying oil!

There’s no shortage of literature on how to make your own biofuel from cooking oil:
Mike Pelly’s recipe
Journeytoforever has a good library

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