June 29, 2004


Solar Energy International run many workshops on water, solar and wind power

The Solar Living Institute runs a
9 day course on sustainable living July 31st to Aug 8th in California, USA

Earthship workshop Sept 17th to 19th in Taos, New Mexico, USA – Learn how to recycle old tyres to build your house

Cal-Earth run courses, from 3 days to 6 month-long, in Hesperia, California – Learn how to build houses out of earth, straw bale and ceramics.

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Sustainable communities conference open to all July 14th to 18th in Burlington, Vermont, USA

Conference on hydro electricity Aug 16th to 20th in Canada

Conference on solar energy Aug 21st to 25th in Canada

Conference on solar energy Sept 8th to 11th in Austria

The 2004 Sustainable Energy, Energy Efficiency and Environmental Solutions Expos Sept 19th to 21st at the London Olympia

The UK solar energy society � conference on Sept 21st 2004

Conference on sustainable resources Sept 30th to Oct 2nd in Boulder, Colorado, USA

Conference on wind energy Oct 31st to Nov 4th in China

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Run on vegetable oil

In 1997, Joshua Tickell set off to tour America in his van. Nothing amazing about that, you’ll tell me, just another kid going on a road trip. Well, Tickell’s road trip was different, because his van was different.

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Vegetable healing

Have you ever thought there should be doctors for plants, as there are for animals and humans? And what about preventative medicine for plants? Well, next time you plant your tomato seeds make sure you call a plant healer. It’ll save you money on (organic) pesticides.


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