LPG Generators

Chinese made natural gas (LPG) Generators are the cheapest to buy, the cheapest to run, and are claimed to be the greenest generators in the world today
There are several brands to choose from and running costs are estimated 30-70% lower than the equivalent petrol powered products. The leading brand seems to be Green Power – the CC5000 series with Single-Phase Synchronous Brush Alternators — and reports are coming in from Pakistan that they function superbly in rough conditions.
The Chinese are sending thousands of the generators across the Afghan border as part of their flood relief aid. Although traders are marking the prices up alarmingly, they are still well below the cost of Japanese equivalents.

A one KV Chinese generator, enough to power four tube lights and four fans for six hours, is being sold for Pak Rs 12,500 against its previous price of Rs 7,500. A Japanese generator of the same capacity costs Rs 14,000 – and was earlier available for Rs 9,000. Due to their affordable prices and being more fuel efficient, small power generators are ideal for flood-hit villages as well as middle-income families outside the disaster areas.
Simple & easy to operate and repair, they cost about 30% to 70% less than gasoline generator sets, are more durable & more reliable, and have a longer life and they have lower emissions, no smoke and no smell,
A good quality China-made 2kVA petrol generator is being offered at Rs10,000 as compared to the average price of Rs30,000 for Japanese equipment. Most economical 1kVA Chinese generator is available for Rs6,500 and it consumes a litre of petrol in an hour.
While Japan-made 5kVA generator is being sold for Rs90,000, a Chinese generator of the same capacity is available for just Rs35,000.
Though generators of various capacities, including 10kVA, are available in the market, the sale of low capacity ones is higher.
Waheed Nasir, a trader in the City Saddar Road market, said majority of customers were preferring generators to UPS units as the latter needed electricity supply to charge the batteries and the city was experiencing long hours of power cuts.
“We offer low-capacity generators which consume small quantity of fuel and are affordable,” Mr Nasir said.
Zaheer Mughal, an importer of Chinese generators in the Asghar Mall market, said he had sold out about 3,000 low capacity generators.

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