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hi my is adam i am 26 yo i love to cook and hunt i am looking to join or create a off-grid community i have been researching and planing this since i was about 16 yo my skills include cooking hunting skinning traping fishing.. if i was going to start a off-grid community i would need a couple other like mindead people to help with the planning, securing land and the other several details. hope to hear from others soon

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  1. Hi,

    Funny, my name is also Adam. I am currently attending UBC Vancouver and have been brought up in a very academic and corporate setting. I have always prided myself in the passion of learning. However, I believe I have misdirected my learning. I grew up in the corporate world, but know that I would be much happier contributing to a much quieter and simpler life. I am currently looking for a mentor, likeminded individuals, or community where we can build on the skills required to live that sort of life and with those skills, be able to offer whatever services that may mutually benefit the group. If you, or anyone here is interested, please email me at littleablake@gmail.com.

  2. Very interested as well. Where are you located? Id like to find something in the pac northwest. Message me if anyone has potencial in this region. Or. / Wa. Preferred.

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