February 22, 2015

Alsford forecasts Australians unplugging from the system

Why Australians are getting off the grid

New South Wales, 22 Feb – Dr Kristin Alford, a futurist and founder of Adelaide-firm Bridge8 which consults to governments and the private sector, describes her work as getting people to think “more efficiently” about the future. She says part of the problem is that governments look at future problems with a “past or present mindset”.

Forget about the complex tax arrangements of Google and Amazon that are sapping governments’ ability to collect tax. These problems will be dwarfed as technology and the economy evolves to the point where ordinary taxpayers turn their backs on the mass-market, mass-distribution model that has dominated society since the Industrial Revolution. Instead local products and services will be king.

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looking to join or start a off-grid community

hi my is adam i am 26 yo i love to cook and hunt i am looking to join or create a off-grid community i have been researching and planing this since i was about 16 yo my skills include cooking hunting skinning traping fishing.. if i was going to start a off-grid community i would need a couple other like mindead people to help with the planning, securing land and the other several details. hope to hear from others soon

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