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Off-Gridders have been around for a long time, but it’s just been recently that technology has been available to make living off-grid as cushy as any grid connected home, not only available but affordable as well. One thing everyone needs is light, we have several different options to light the darkness, candles, oil lamps, Coleman lanterns, flashlights, incandescent bulbs, CFL bulbs and most recently, LED lights.

I think all of us have used many of these options at some point in our lives, I can remember camping as a kid and having Coleman lanterns and flashlights, but most of these are either expensive, use up too much power, or they are risky to use (specifically the ones that use fire).

Then came the LED, a completely different type of light, one that was most efficient, hardy in real life use, long lasting, relatively cool in relation to the amount of light given, and even though I named it first, I’ll reiterate the efficient part, those of us living on limited power appreciate the fact that you can light up your home and outside areas using very little energy.

With the incandescent bulb being phased out, and the CFL bulb having the problems it has (containing toxins), the LED is really the shining forth brighter than all the other options out there, and the price has really come down, that makes it affordable and accessible to the average person (like me).

We use several different LED lights in the sky castle, from standard looking bulbs that give off a warm glow, to the LED flashlights we carry around, and now the LED Christmas lights we are beginning to hang up here and there, mostly outside around the porch and deck areas. I purchased these last year after Christmas, clearance at 50% off, I intend on doing the same thing again this year, now that I am spending much more time in the various dollar stores (doing merchandising), I’ll have an even better chance at getting a good selection of Christmas lights at a good discount.

A friend pointed me to this YouTuber who is all about the LED light, Julian Ilett, here is one of his videos, watch and enjoy!





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  1. Lights are all very well, but how do I power my (essential) word processor not to mention all those lovely household gadgets like washing machines and so on?

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