October 19, 2014


LED technology and DIY


Off-Gridders have been around for a long time, but it’s just been recently that technology has been available to make living off-grid as cushy as any grid connected home, not only available but affordable as well. One thing everyone needs is light, we have several different options to light the darkness, candles, oil lamps, Coleman lanterns, flashlights, incandescent bulbs, CFL bulbs and most recently, LED lights.

I think all of us have used many of these options at some point in our lives, I can remember camping as a kid and having Coleman lanterns and flashlights, but most of these are either expensive, use up too much power, or they are risky to use (specifically the ones that use fire).

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Permaculture in Colorado - needs a water permit

Permaculture in Colorado needs a water permit

“A forest full of food” has a nice ring to it, and the concept is realized using permaculture farming techniques.

Grant and Kathy Curry of Dolores are creating an innovative farm at the head of Trail Canyon in Dolores, Colorado that they hope will produce food for generations while skimping on water.

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Pizza pizza

This past week was a hard one, my work partner and I worked extra long days so that we could have a few extra days off over the weekend, that meant 12 and 14 hour days, I’m not complaining though, it’s work, I enjoy doing it and I get paid well enough to be happy with it. I don’t have to go back to work until Tuesday, so that gives me a few extra days to catch up on some needed rest and chores.

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