Jessica Alba – secretly green?

Jessica Alba
Working the hippie look

Is tough action heroine Jessica Alba discovering her softer side? You’d think so, with the release of two new films that might have persuaded the actress that green beats mean.

In the Fantastic Four sequel, The Rise of the Silver Surfer, Alba will be driving a Hybrid car the batmobileof the Fantastic foursome, Fantasticar.

In the movie, it’s powered by a proton accelerator, can hover, fly at 500 mph and break into separate flying machines. Though it’s a lump of metal in real life, maybe the broader idea of a hybrid car appealed to Jessica’s better nature:

“It was like Christmas morning when we first saw it,” she said. “With all the dials and joysticks, we wanted to fly it. It’s the ultimate toy.”

She loved the car so much she’s also voicing the Fantasticar.

Her other film, Good Luck Chuck, sees Jessica assay the role of a dolphin trainer the trailer can be seen on the new Myspace/trailerpark website.

So, is Jessica Alba a secret greenie? Not noted for her eco-credentials, she does seem to have her organic faves – Mr. Butterball bath bomb ($4.35) and Karma soap ($7.15) are just two of her organic toiletries from Lush.

And every girl need a good pair of jeans Jessica’s choice: Levi’s Jeans Red Tab and Capital E lines, which use organic cotton in selected styles, and also feature recycled buttons and zippers. Prices range from $68 for Red Tab to $245 for Capital E. Leonardo DiCaprio is also a fan. For information, go to levis.com.

She”s also embraced the cult denim brand 1921 Premium Denim, founded in 1921 by one of the oldest family-owned denim manufacturers in the world. It’s now carved out a considerable niche in the highly competitive premium denim market and is about to hit the UK after achieving a huge celebrity following in LA. Other 1921-wearing celebrities include Nicole Kidman, Lindsay Lohan and Teri Hatcher. Most appealingly, 1921 boasts the ethos of a brand with a true legacy in crafting denim. Over 1000 pairs are flying out of cult LA store Kitson every month.

Fully handcrafted, each jean is hand-cut, treated and washed to give the denim an authentic vintage look. All abrasion detail is done using special hand tools – making each pair of jeans unique. No detail is spared, down to the hammered buttons and rivets in a patina finish and the busted side seams with a selvage edge look. Back pockets are scaled per size and no automatic pocket-setting machines are used. Each pair and each size is exactly proportioned.

1921’s Spring 2007 collection is currently at Harrods, RRP from GBP159.00. For more info see www.1921jeans.com.

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