Jackson Browne’s off-grid ranch

Jackson Browne
Browne: saintly

In his new eco-TV series Ed Begley has just outed singer songwriter Jackson Browne as a long-time off-gridder. Browne, who used to go out with Daryl Hannah, is living on an off-grid ranch in deep Southern California.

“He’s got this big wind turbine, and his ranch is completely off the [power] grid,” Begley said. “He’s done all of it himself.” We’re impressed. But Browne is so cool and unassuming that no further details seem to exist

Browne founded Musicians United for Safe Energy (MUSE) along with Bonnie Raitt back in the 1970s. They put on the very first Live Aid in 1979, though they did not call it that. The all-star series of concerts organized by Bonnie Raitt, Graham Nash, John Hall and Jackson in 1979 to benefit MUSE. In addition to serving on the MUSE Foundation Board, Jackson helped edit and compile the 1980 3-LP live album from those shows. No Nukes/The MUSE Concerts for a Non-Nuclear Future featured a line-up including Bruce Springsteen, The Doobie Brothers, Carly Simon, James Taylor, Ry Cooder, Chaka Khan, Peter Tosh, and Tom Petty, among many others. The album, which includes Jackson

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  1. Recently i saw Jackson Brown in concert for the first time Aug 17th , 2016 at the Greek Theater. Had really good seats, hadn’t sat down when i turned around Jackson was standing on the edge of the stage way to the left playing his guitar, he seemed to be looking right at me with a big smile,(i think i went into shock) then we both were laughing as i was obviously surprised and so happy. He’s really nice I had never seen him before in person right there so close. He is brilliant and a very beautiful artist with a pure heart as he shines so bright , and ‘ i hope it never ends’.

  2. I would love to meet up with Jackson at his AZ concert. We met many yrs. ago as he was a good friend of my sister’s, Debbi Kraus. I saw Jackson when he played his guitar at a tiny club called The Ashgrove in Hollywood. He’s always been the best of the best. If anyone knows of a way to actually get in touch with him, pls. email me! :)

  3. I was looking for a way to write to Jackson Browne, to let him know how much I’ve loved his songs and how much his political views have validated my own. I just downloaded some of my old favorites from iTunes – Road and the Sky, Rock Me on the Water, After the Deluge, and thought about how great it was to be young in the era those songs came out. I live in a cabin in the West Virginia mountains, and 2 years ago found out that the mineral rights to the mountain below me, and the other side of the mountain had been “leased” to a strip mining company. All appeals have been exhausted, and with the local politicians getting “campaign contributions” from that out of state company – the noise, and the pollution of our wonderful water and air, (and the fracking) will soon began. It’s already started in the neighboring state of Pennsylvania and people have filed numerous lawsuits to no avail. Maryland, has refused to be a part of it, to the credit of their governor, Martin O’Malley. This is no hidden hollow, this is a residential community near an urban area, and is only an hour and a half from Washington, but there is absolutely no state government interest in protecting natural resources in West Virginia. With a 9% corporate tax, mining is the primary industry, and most other people work in the service sector for small businesses. My water is so great, so delicious, that I feel like bottling it while I still have the chance.

  4. How can you not admire Jackson. I have loved his songs for 30+ years. Have always been moved by his words and music. As a person, he sets the example and I only admire him more. You ROCK JACKSON!!

  5. Jackson is who I’d like to be, really. I met one of his brothers, Severin, and he was really cool, too.
    Off the grid is where we all should be headed. It’s way late in the game and all this destructive nonsense needs to stop.

  6. “When you write and when you dream and when you imagine, the things are coming through you, they’re coming from what you’re dealing with, and they manifest themselves through playing.

    “It’s an odd thing, but life is long, and this music is something you have with you your whole life. It’s a magical thing, because it winds and curves and twists and turns and metamorphoses in so many ways.” ”

    Browne has put into metalifferous words all that I’ve ever tried to explain about the music that courses through me, all of my life. I call it the “Silver Stream” but Jackson has used it to the benefit of humanity his whole life. I agree with his political stance and with his humanitarianism, and wish I had done 1/2 as much as he has done for the world. Thanks for posting this excellent interview. Quite the eye-opener.

  7. Great article. I love Jackson’s music, and appreciate his spirit, yet pretty much disagree with most of his conclusions politically.
    He is one of the most gifted singer/songwriters there has ever been.

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