September 1, 2007

Jackson Browne’s off-grid ranch

Jackson Browne
Browne: saintly

In his new eco-TV series Ed Begley has just outed singer songwriter Jackson Browne as a long-time off-gridder. Browne, who used to go out with Daryl Hannah, is living on an off-grid ranch in deep Southern California.

“He’s got this big wind turbine, and his ranch is completely off the [power] grid,” Begley said. “He’s done all of it himself.” We’re impressed. But Browne is so cool and unassuming that no further details seem to exist

Browne founded Musicians United for Safe Energy (MUSE) along with Bonnie Raitt back in the 1970s. They put on the very first Live Aid in 1979, though they did not call it that.

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