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One acre field in very secluded location – can be put to any use such as wild camping, growing veggies, or just enjoying the view. 30 minutes from beaches at Bude and Croyd.
Down a half mile, hard track with potholes – most cars can get down if you drive carefully, but 4WD definitely better. Gate access from road. No power. Large rainwater butts, old shed. Pub not far away.

Available from: May 28, 2020
Size of Land in Acres: 0.5-1
Written directions: Will be supplied by email on request
Type of Land: Agricultural

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10 Responses to “Isolated field in Devon near the coast”

  1. Emma Burton

    Hi we already live in Devon and have some experience living of grid as we lived in our tourer for 18 months. We are a married couple with a 12 yr old. My husband has 15 yrs experience of woodland management and some wildlife experience. We’ve recently started to grow our own veg and are looking for land to rent to do this om a bigger scale as our garden is to small. Please email me if you feel this may be suitable. We have quite alot of free time to get stuck in.

  2. Graham

    67 year old English countryman looking to live of grid, hate Englands long winters, want a more temperate climate. Spain, Portugal south France areas. Jack of most trades, construction industry for 40 years, practical skills plus stacks of common sense. Want to live with like minded companions. Regards Graham

  3. Douglas

    If youre still looking for someone, please I’d love to know more about this availability. I’m looking to create a sustainable space and welcome travellers from around the world in my support network to help grow a beautiful vision. Would love to plant as well as find a sustainable way to live off grid and create a beautiful place for people to come.

  4. Lara Just

    If this is still available could we have a look and get more details? Will email you also. Thank you so much!

  5. Mike

    Hi Nick,

    Do you still have this available?

    • Nick Rosen

      Yes I do ad wanting help building a shed with woodburner

  6. Paula

    Hi. I am looking for a place to live naturally in nature, grow veggies and live a better freer life, so I am interested if this is still available. I think the way we live now is not sustainable any longer and we need to look after nature and ourselves much better. I have a couple of pets who need to be free also and would like to be organic and self sufficient.

    If this is still available please come back to me. I am a cash buyer so can move quickly. Many thanks!

  7. Perrie Probert

    Hello, my name is Perrie, my partner is Naomi and we are both in our mid 20s and have had a pretty hectic life before finding one another. We are looking for a piece of land to start a new way of life, something that’s relaxed, peaceful, drama free to learn to live off the simple things in life and remember what’s important. I have come across your description and it sounds exactly like what we are dreaming for, I would like the opportunity to talk to you more about it if thats a possibility, thank you kindly for reading my message none the less

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