May 13, 2020

Isolated field in Devon near the coast

One acre field in very secluded location – can be put to any use such as wild camping, growing veggies, or just enjoying the view. 30 minutes from beaches at Bude and Croyd.
Down a half mile, hard track with potholes – most cars can get down if you drive carefully, but 4WD definitely better. Gate access from road. No power. Large rainwater butts, old shed. Pub not far away.

Available from: May 28, 2020
Size of Land in Acres: 0.5-1
Written directions: Will be supplied by email on request
Type of Land: Agricultural

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Celebrities Quarantining In The Countryside

Celebrities are fleeing urban coronavirus hotspots for quarantining in Wyoming, Montana, and other Western rural regions. Experts are criticizing this move as dangerous to those who live in those areas year-round. Fearing their relocation may cause added stress to an already severely limited healthcare infrastructure.

These include celebrities like Justin Timberlake and Jessica Biel, and Kelly Clarkson to name a few.

“These moves have been a huge concern for us,” Alan Morgan, chief executive officer of  NRHA, told NBC News. “It’s such a bad idea for upper-income urban people to hunker down in these areas. It potentially places added pressure on a health care system that was for primary care and general surgery, not for pandemic surge response.”

Morgan said that as of Friday afternoon, there are more than 16,000 cases of coronavirus scattered across rural counties nationally. Hospitals in these areas have one to two ventilators on site on average, he said. More than half of the rural counties in the United States have no intensive care beds at all.

Celebs moving to the countryside

Justin Timberlake and Jessica Biel were the most recent celebrities to come under fire for the phenomenon. Some have branded “disaster gentrification” after Timberlake recently revealed that the couple has settled into their home in the Yellowstone Club. It’s a 15,200-acre private community west of Gallatin County, to wait out the coronavirus outbreak. Kelly Clarkson has also decamped to her Montana ranch during the pandemic.

“To be honest, we thought the best way to kind of do our part was. We have a place in Montana and so, we came up here,” Timberlake said in an interview with SiriusXM Hits1 on Wednesday.

Travel from urban centers spreading coronavirus to rural areas

Gallatin County is among the top 10 rural counties with the highest reported COVID-19 cases, according to data obtained by NBC News from NRHA. In comparison to the surge of cases, there are currently eight ICU beds available in the country. There’s just one for every 2,141 residents aged 60+, according to Kaiser Health News.

“In Utah, in Colorado, all around the country, we’re hearing the same stories,” Morgan said. “People are moving into these understaffed, underfunded areas that are tinderboxes for the outbreak. Many of the populations in these communities are exactly those who are least equipped to get the virus. Basically older, sicker people with preexisting conditions who can’t afford to be exposed to it.”

Coronavirus Data

Jessica Carson, a research assistant public policy professor at the University of New Hampshire, recently conducted a rapid response project that appears to corroborate Morgan and the NRHA’s assessment that continued travel from those who do not live in rural communities is causing the spread of COVID-19.

After analyzing data from the New York Times, the U.S. Department of Agriculture’s Economic Research Service and the U.S. Census Bureau, Carson determined that the nation …

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Off-Grid RV Parking or Tent Camping

Perfect spots for RV or campers. Located in Frenchburg, KY in Menifee County. These are OFF GRID parking spots (RV spots are limited to two RVs). We are in the process of renovating this property (fencing, adding buildings, site plans for pond, etc) so this property is a work in progress. Mix of pasture and woods with ATV trails. Paved road to property.

We do have a water hose on site to fill your fresh water tank, if needed. You can park by the week for $75 or the month for $225, which includes water and trash pick up. (Excessive water usage will result in additional fee). Daily fees are also available if you want to stay overnight or just come for the day and ride horses or ATVs. Daily or Day use fees are $5 a day. No hunting allowed Personal injury waivers required for all visitors, no matter the length of stay.

Tent campers can camp anywhere in the woods (on the property) for $5 a night. Pets welcome as long as they are not aggressive. Horses welcome for additional water fee (paddock fencing is not currently set up so trailer ties are necessary).

Very quiet setting, lots of wildlife, beautiful views. There is an old Tobacco barn on the property which is in the process of being renovated. Interior parking (cars only) may be an option.

Available from: Jun 1, 2020
Size of Land in Acres: Above 10
Written directions: Please call, text or email for specific directions. Land is agricultural so has no street address.
Type of Land: Agricultural

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Off-Grid Tent Camping in West Virginia, USA

A 4×4, in very good condition, and a rugged spirit are necessary to reach, and tent-camp on, this property in the middle of nowhere, Northeast West Virginia. Bring everything you need to experience woodland hiking and seclusion from the outside world and commune with nature including white-tail deer, black bear and coyote.

Available from: May 9, 2020
Size of Land in Acres: Above 10
Written directions: Parking is available on property. Walk to desired camping area. Structures are not for use by visitors. Cell phone service is sketchy.
Type of Land: Forest/woodland

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