How to survive almost anything

Home made sleeping bag
Robbie Rubbish sleeping bag

Ever needed to spend the night in a sleeping bag made by stuffing unwanted paper into a pair of bin liners held together with duct tape? Or make an emergency toilet by balancing a couple pieces of scrap lumber on either edge of a bucket?? Cody Lundin has. He’s the Jackass of survivalism, the Jonah of disaster preparedness, and a publishing phenomenon.

Lundin has two books about dealing with life When All Hell Breaks Loose, as the title terms it. His previous title was the equally colorful Art of Keeping Your Ass Alive.
The bigger and more entertaining of the two is “When all Hell breaks loose,” with its detailed information on how to dispose of a dead body, wound care, and what to do if the only food you have is 700lbs of whole wheat.

. But as Lundin says: “After a major disaster due to destroyed infrastructure and swamped emergency response personnel, improvising proper sanitation methods will rank high on your list of priorities.”

The list of tips ands tricks is almost endless – making a candle out of an old tuna tin, streetfighting techniques and how to ditch the neighbours as you head for the hills.And the best tip in the book is from The Art of Keeping Your Ass Alive: Use jumbo sized non-lubricated condoms as emergency water carriers. Now why didn’t I think of that?

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