How to Make a Great Campfire – Easily

Going camping is a fantastic way to relax and unwind. And it’s a first step towards a life off the grid.
Its an activity you can enjoy by yourself, or you can invite friends and family. When you are preparing a camping trip, there are several points that you will have to keep in mind, such as a suitable shelter, and packing enough food and water for your adventure.
Another aspect of camping that you should plan carefully is how you are going to create your campfire at night. The main requirement is dry wood, and a way of lighting the fire. You might want to take a few logs with you, as well as collect some on the way. Wet wood is harder to light, burns slower and gives off more smoke and pollution.

Making a Campfire
Making a fire when you are out camping is useful for two reasons. First of all, a campfire is a great way to keep everyone warm when the temperature drops at night. Your fire will be a fun place for everyone to gather and spend the evening together. This will help everyone get warm and cosy before they go off to their own tents.
Secondly, if you dont happen to own a sun oven, a campfire can be used to cook on when you are sleeping outdoors. You might be tempted to take a stove with you for convenience and ease, but why not cook on a campfire for a more authentic outdoor experience!
Flint and Steel
Using flint and steel to start a campfire is a reliable solution and does not require much time or effort. You simply strike the steel, and sparks will fly into your char cloth, which you then use to ignite a pile of kindling, allowing you to easily start your campfire. Preppers recommend make sure to shop this flint and steel collection. This is going to come in very handy if you find that there are no other ways to make a campfire, so always ensure you have access to tools like this if you want to keep warm while camping.
Teepee Campfire
This is one of the easiest ways to start a campfire. Simply lean your logs together in a pyramid shape over some kindling and add pieces of fuelwood as the fire is getting started. Depending on the size of your teepee campfire, you may find that the logs fall as they burn, so make sure nobody is sitting too close to the flames when you are using this method.
Star Fire
This is a great way to make a campfire if you do not have access to much wood or if you want to keep your fire small for any reason. To make a star fire, get a small pile of kindling going and then position logs into the fire in a star formation. As the ends of the logs burn slowly, you can push them closer into the fire, ensuring that the fire keeps going but that the flame remains small.
You might find that you have to sit quite close to enjoy the heat from this type of campfire, but it will be easy to put out when required.
Enjoy Your Trip
With a good fire, you will be able to enjoy a fantastic camping trip and make some beautiful memories. The last thing you want is a dangerous incident side-tracking your trip, so always put your fire out before you go to sleep and make sure everyone is aware of basic fire safety principles.

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