How Cuba will survive Peak Oil

Could we be learning something from the Cuban Peak Oil experiment?

This great documentary www.communitysolution.org presents us the possible scenario we may face in the event of a full-scale Peak Oil crisis and financial meltdown.

The Cuban experience it´s an invaluable example that could help us understand how addicted we are to Oil and how it seems that we need to face hunger and pain to become awake and learn what is the real value of things.

In our modern society Oil means housing, food, transport, energy, fuel, tools, communication, clothing and almost everything we have around us.

One of the effects of the Cuban crisis resulted in Cubans now eating and demanding real organic food which is produced almost completely inside the country.

Every corner of Havana became an edible garden and food growing became a very valued and well paid profession.

The film’s major themes include urban agriculture, energy dependence, and sustainability.

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  1. I agree that Cuba could be a interesting case to analyze, but I don’t know how credible can be the well payment of the food growers professionals, they just seem to be in a different level of misery in a country that is like back in time.

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