Arhaus turns Kiwi green

From Organic NZ –

Construction has started on a home in West Auckland that, when finished, will mark the start of a new company’s crusade to make New Zealand the benchmark for healthy, clean and sustainable living.


Arhaus is currently building a four-bedroom concept home at 55 Bannings Way, Hobsonville that will be healthy to live in, kinder to the environment and low-cost to run. The family-run company is owned by two couples, Kate and Nat, Dan and Sophie who are currently living in St Heliers, Auckland. The couples, from the UK, have been in New Zealand for only six months.

After researching the building industry and consumers perceptions of healthy homes, they decided to start Arhaus.
It’s a sad and unsurprising fact that not everyone is drawn by products that have less impact on the earth. To sell healthy homes we needed to remove the stigma of extra expense and minimal consumer benefit, says Dan.
Our aim is to plug the lesser known benefits. For example, our homes will cost the same as a conventional home to buy, but our running costs will be a third of those for a conventional home.

Features in the concept home in Hobsonville that demonstrate Arhaus vision include: rainwater reticulation for toilets and irrigation; passive solar design; solar water heating; and high levels of insulation. It will be healthy to live in because its design will allow natural temperature and humidity control, and low/non-toxic materials are being used. The home itself is spacious and thoughtfully laid out, with one half of the main floor set aside for bedrooms, and the other for living space. The view from the front of the home of the city skyline and Waitemata Harbour is stunning.

The concept home is expected to be built by January 2005.

If you are interested in learning more about this project, or building your own home contact the team at


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