Half of China’s wind power is off the grid

More power than US from Chinese wind

China is now the world’s largest generator of wind energy and nearly half of the power produced by wind turbines inside China is not connected to the Grid. If that works for the world’s fastest growing economy, then why not in the West as well?

China’s installed wind-generation capacity reached 41.8 GigaWatts (GW) at the end of last year, compared to 40.2GW in the US.
The China Electricity Council said only 22.9GW was grid-connected in August last year, although there have been additional installations since then. So around 20GW are produced by wind farms or single turbines generating  power that is only available in the local area, causing an increase in population and industry in these areas.
Chinese companies lead the world in solar manufacturing but most solar modules are destined for export, with relatively little capacity in the country itself. China’s domestic wind industry, by contrast, is growing rapidly. China has set an ambitious target of 90GW by 2015.
The country’s production of turbines ballooned by 62 per cent in 2010. Its turbine production capacity rose to 16GW last year, putting it ahead of the US for the first time, according to a report in the state-run Xinhua News Agency.
A number of further large-scale projects are in the pipeline, including the 5GW Jiuquan project in Gansu Province, the 2GW Hami project in Xinjiang, a 2GW project at Kailu in Inner Mongolia and the 1.5GW Tongyu project in Jilin Province.
US Companies like GE are being forced to convert their Chinese operations into Joint Ventures in order to keep them alive.

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  1. You cant control growth, but we can work smarter in making energy without wind or sun. My RAPS has been running now for a few years and requires very little maintenance,sun, water or fuel of any kind. I really cant see any problems yet, except the people that can’t think outside of the box they live in!

  2. Power , power nothing but power. That is the game in this century. China this china that. I am hearing that China will run and dictate for most of the world , because of its Industrial Increase. How ever this Increase is not been started with fair Intentions. They are very vicious and aggressive in business , There is no one that can beat china as of now, so china has green light on doing just anything they want. But every rope has it’s end. I am writing this , because Our nations have sold us to china long ago. I do not like the modern China to much. The question is , how long China will really rule its power. Because it is only power they are after. But the power is not always asked in human evolution. There is more cycles than power. So coming to the Wind turbine. I like this post and Info on the Wind Generators. Ok they are supplying electricity, if the wind is there… Fine . Sometimes there is no wind . If an Industry builds on relying only on wind , than this is pretty windy business.
    I want to say this. Those Wind Turbines are very dangerous to Birds , then they completely ruin the landscape. THEY LOOK UGLY on the landscape, chopping mixers . Perhaps my comment is little of , but I only had this much to say about wind power and more on china. Because . I wish to see the day , where I can buy products , not made in China. Thank you.

  3. So around 20GW are produced by wind farms or single turbines generating power that is only available in the local area, causing an increase in population and industry in these areas.

    This what gets me, none of the efforts of wind generation efforts will amount to nothing in the long run. All the 20GW was absorbed by the increase of population and industry, How much energy is required to manufactory wind turbines in the first place, all the parts and components and to maintain the grid there on. Now there is also increase in food, getting the food, transporting food people supplies, The concept of free power sounds great until one puts all the relative figures on paper not just the figures you want us to hear. How much of that energy is used to recycle waste.

    Everything sounds green, looks green, but is it?

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