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The Sky Castle at the end of the rainy season….

Winter is coming, it’s well into fall and the season is definitely changing. The air is cooler, especially in the mornings, crisp, I can smell the smoke from a nearby woodstove, with the cooler weather comes dryer weather, I noticed I am getting static shocks when I get out of a vehicle, which is something I am doing a lot more often lately. Right now, I am about to get up and get into my sleeping clothes, something warmer than I have been wearing all summer long.

As I mentioned a while back, I’ve been working a new job, merchandising all over west Texas, mostly in the dollar stores, I LOVE my job, one of the things I am asked about is what kind of work do I do living off-grid. In the beginning, we were fortunate to have very cheap, inexpensive living conditions, and we still do, I didn’t have to bring in much money (and still don’t) which means I can be less concerned about making the big bucks, but I must say that this is paying just fine, I’m happy with it.

Today after church, my work partner and I had one more job in town, this was one of the closer towns so it wasn’t a big deal to drive in, we typically drive 200-250+ miles a day to hit the remote towns to get to the dollar stores, most of the towns have at least 2 dollar stores, and we do our best to arrange our schedule where we can do multiple jobs in each store.

2014-09-26 19.26.22
One of our trips down south, on our way back in the evening…

One thing I needed was a tablet to do my job, I am able to take pictures with it, access hotspots to upload the pictures and access the work portal to complete my jobs. This is my first tablet, I consider myself an expert computer user, but a novice tablet user, I have never had a need or even want for one of these until I started this job. My work partner uses a Samsung Galaxy Tab 4, I chose to get a Samsung Galaxy Note 8, having a slightly larger screen, more memory and such, it does everything I need it to do. I chose to get a manufacturer refurbished unit, it’s much MUCH cheaper in price, carries a 90 day manufacturer’s warranty. The one I got looked pristine, no scratches, it didn’t look used at all, I’m happy with it. :)

PB snapped this pic from the castle tower (4 floors tall) of me playing with my tablet. Click to view larger.

Beyond that, I have been eyeballing the prolific horehound that has been growing everywhere out here, that makes a GREAT cough syrup and candy, I am going to harvest some and put it up for the winter. I can tell you that this works better than any commercial cough medicine I have ever been able to buy. I am not expecting to get sick, but since I’m going to be exposed to more people doing my job, there is always the risk of catching something.

That’s about everything that has been going on lately, besides the bridge PB is building and that is coming along nicely. Be looking for an update on our batteries, it will soon be 6 months since I brought them home.

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