Gear you need in your bug-out location

Imagine the collapse of society because there is an extreme weather event or the Chinese economy implodes bringing down the global system

No reason for you to suffer a moment’s discomfort with this list of handy gadgets to keep in your bug-out bag.

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1. Medical Kit

What: Adventure Medical Kits Ultralight/WaterTight 7 Medical Kit

Features: It’s super lightweight and has enough supplies for four people for up to four days. Bandages, dressing, tape, and more are included. The DryFlex waterproof liners help the bag stay waterproof.

How Much: About $27

Where: sportchalet.com, 888/801-9162

2. Knife and Machete

What: Kershaw Knives Camp Knife machete series and BlackWash Scrambler knife

Features: The Camp series nets you the option of machetes with 10, 14, or 18-inch blades. Clearing brush or making kindling is a snap. The Scrambler has a drop-point blade with a large flat-ground top swedge, plus SpeedSafe assisted opening.

How Much: Camp Knife starts at $69.99; BlackWash is $64.99

Where: kershaw.kaiusaltd.com, 800/325-2891

3. Recovery Rope

What: Renegade by Bubba Rope

Features: The Renegade recovery rope weighs 3 pounds and is 3⁄4 inch by 20 feet long, with a breaking strength of 19,000 pounds. It’s waterproof and abrasion-resistant to boot.

How Much: $129

Where: bubbarope.com, 877/499-8494

4. Fishing Set

What: Redington Topo Outfit

Features: It has a 9-foot, 5-weight fly rod, with a pre-spooled reel with line and leader and case. There’s also a spare spool of tippet, nippers, and a box of six flies.

How Much: $199.95

Where: redington.com, 855/378-9420

5. Saw and Hatchet

What: AEV KantanaBoy folding saw and Ono Camp Hatchet

Features: The folding saw is about 4 feet long and helps with clearing downed trees or dealing with thick, wooded terrain. The blade is taper-ground. The hatchet has a custom-fitted carrying case with matching hole hanger.

How Much: Saw, $192.95; hatchet, $103.95

Where: aev-conversions.com, 248/926-0256

On the Move Related

6. Backpack

What: Eddie Bauer Bacon Pack

Features: It’s a summit pack, meaning big and lightweight (1 pound, 7 ounces; 28-liter capacity). It folds into itself for storage, and when in use, it can hold a ton of stuff. There’s breathable cushioning in the back panel.

How Much: $99

Where: eddiebauer.com, 800/426-8020

7. Carrying Case

What: Yakima SkyBox 18 Carbonite

Features: Tool-free installation for your Jeep, and in return, you get 18 cubic feet of storage for hauling gear for what’s probably equal to four campers. There’s a SuperLatch security system, and the design reduces drag.

How Much: $519

Where: yakima.com, 888/925-4621

8. iPhone Case with Maps

What: Trimble TopoCharger

Features: Simply put, it’s an iPhone case with built-in topo maps. There are 18 zoom levels and parks, public lands, lakes, and more for the asking. State chips are interchangeable.

How Much: Topocharger, $149; additional chips are $69

Where: trimbleoutdoors.com, 408/481-8000

Food/Drink Related

9. Grill Set

What: Grill Daddy 6 in 1 Camping & Tailgating Grill Set

Features: There’s a stainless-steel fork, spoon, tongs, and spatula, and each has a patented heat shield. The attachments are interchangeable.

How Much: $39.99

Where: buygrilldaddy.com, 203/637-0001

10. Coffeemaker/Foodmaker

What: BioLite KettlePot

Features: It’s capable of making a pot of coffee, as well as cooking a meal for four—get it? A kettle and a pot, KettlePot. It’s also stainless steel, so it’s lightweight.

How Much: $49.95

Where: biolitestove.com

11. BBQ Grate

What: Front Runner Spare Tire Mount BRAAI/BBQ Grate

Features: It’s a cooking grate that stores over the spare tire for the ultimate in space savings. The grill is laser-cut stainless steel and weighs 131⁄2 pounds, and fits tires from 29-37 inches.

How Much: $125

Where: frontrunneroutfitters.com, 866/840-0321

12. Folding Stove

What: SternoCandleLamp Folding Stove

Features: Aside from being compact and lightweight, it has a robust cooking surface with aluminum heat-reflecting panels that won’t rust. It weighs 11 ounces and folds to 1-inch thick. Don’t forget the cooking fuels.

How Much: Around $10

Where: sternocandlelamp.com, 877/526-7748

13. Cooker Smoker

What: Weber Smoky Mountain Cooker Smoker

Features: Besides being portable at just 141⁄2 inches, it offers 286 square inches of cooking space, a built-in lid thermometer, a water pan, and two plated-steel cooking grates.

How Much: $219

Where: weber.com, 800/446-1071

14. LifeStraw

What: Personal water filter

Features: Stop laughing—one day this could save your life. It uses hollow fiber microfiltration technology to give you safe and clean drinking water from nearly anywhere, including lakes and rivers. It’s 2 ounces, and you’ll get 1,000 liters of clean water via it.

How Much: About $20

Where: buylifestraw.com, 888/451-6752

15. Cooler

What: Yeti Tundra 65 Cooler

Features: This can hold around 39 cans. It has extra insulation and dry-ice compatibility to go uber frosty. The hinges are integrated and self-stopping, while the handles are made from marine-grade nylon rope with textured grips.

How Much: $399.99

Where: yeticoolers.com, 512/394-9384

16. Portable Propane

What: Power Tank aluminum mounting bracket

Features: It’s designed to hold 9-inch diameter, 11-pound propane tanks onto trailers, vehicles, or the like. The frame is made of 0.125 aluminum with rubber trim and bumpers at the main contact spots. The latch is lock capable. There are also clamps available for bolting the tank to a JK rollbar.

How Much: $109.95

Where: powertank.com, 209/366-2163

Sleep Related

17. Big Tent

What: Wyoming Trail 4 tent

Features: The three-season tent has a “garage-like vestibule” for gear/extra shelter while you’re in the main cabin. It’s about 15 pounds and the vestibule area is 49 square feet.

How Much: $549.95

Where: bigagnes.com, 877/554-8975

18. Rugged Tent

What: Tepui Kukeman XL Ruggedized

Features: Rip-stop fabric. Raw aluminum diamond-plate base panels. Three-bolt heavy-duty hinges. 30-pound density mattress. You get the Ruggedized part now.

How Much: $1,850

Where: tepuitents.com, 800/301-9874

19. Mopar Tent

What: Mopar Jeep tent

Features: The tent attaches to Jeeps and the camper can double as a sleeping/interior space, or it can stand alone. There’s an overhead storage net and pockets, as well as two doors and three windows.

How Much: Starts at $155

Where: mopar.com

20. Rack for Rooftop Tents

What: BajaRack rack

Features: The rack has a flat area for a folding-style rooftop tent and a small basket for gear and fuel. There’s an aluminum wind deflector and construction is carbon steel and black powdercoat. No drilling is needed.

How Much: $1,030

Where: bajarack.com, 888/538-0588

21. Hammock

What: Eagles Nest Outfitters JungleNest Hammock

Features: The only thing that could make a hammock better would be if the swaying wasn’t coming from swatting away bugs. This one has insect protection, thanks to being enclosed (with a full-length zipper entry). There are also pockets.

How Much: $99.95

Where: rei.com, 800/426-4840

22. Instant Shade

What: Smittybilt G.E.A.R. Trail Shade

Features: The shade is immediate sun protection, and is made from tent material that expands to 10 by 6 feet. It’s so lightweight, it can go on a hike backpack style, or can be secured to up to a 37-inch tire.

How Much: $59.99

Where: smittybilt.com, 888/717-5797

23. Shelter

What: 5 Owls All Weather Personal Shelters

Features: Think of it as a tiny tent. You can keep it open around your head, utilize the canopy portion around your head, or switch it to storm shelter mode.

How Much: Ranges from $349-399

Where: 5owls.net, 855/425-6957

Light Related

24. Fire Starter

What: Gerber Bear Grylls Compact Fire Starter

Features: It’s only 0.8 ounces, about 3 inches long, and pocket friendly. Break the tool apart, rake the exposed metal flange across the ferrocerium rod. Translation: Fire, good. It’s made of anodized aluminum and has a rubber tip. The IPX4 rating means rain is no problem.

How Much: $25

Where: gerbergear.com, 855/544-0150

25. Lantern

What: Zippo Rugged LED Lantern

Features: There’s all sorts of outdoor-friendly features: rubberized corners for if it gets dropped, waterproofing, three levels of brightness, battery power, a pop-up handle for carrying or hanging, and a flashing SOS feature.

How Much: $89.95

Where: zippo.com, 888/442-1932

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