Energy Saving Light Bulbs

Living off-grid means reducing your consumption to the minimum, be it water or energy. To save money on electricity, replace normal light bulbs with energy saving ones.

Light Bulb

They say that each energy saving light bulb will save you 7 a year if you are on the grid. If you depend on scarce energy from solar or wind then it might save you a day’s wind-harvested energy per year. And that’s only for one light bulb, so you do the maths

Energy saving light bulbs are usually a phosphor coated glass tube full of gas that emits light when electricity passes through it. They are more energy efficient because they don’t waste energy producing heat, like normal light bulbs . They use less electricity and pollute less, and they last far longer than normal light bulbs.

If you need to replace up to a 70Watt light bulb, a 15Watt fluorescent energy saving light bulb is enough. $9.95 from BuyLighting.com

Eurobatteries.com have a wide range. A 20Watt energy saving light bulb will replace a 100Watt one for 4.85.

At the moment, there is a special offer at yourbatteries.co.uk 6x 11Watt light bulbs for 15. Each lasts 8000 hours.


The Light Bulb Company sells online

Expert Tips for Saving Energy for Lighting

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