Dry canning crackers


One of the things many of us do is buy up deals and sales at the store or buy in bulk from the big box clubs, it’s a good thing as long as you can use what you have spent your hard earned money on. It’s no good if you buy up a lot of foods only to have them go stale or bad before you have the chance to eat them. I have found a way of dry canning for crackers, I’m sure you could do this with other foods like cookies, pasta, anything that is naturally dry, things that would go stale, rancid or get infested with insects would be a good candidate for this storage method.

The good thing about this is you don’t need any major equipment, just mason type jars with lids and an oven. Here is a video about the process.

I like the jars to store these things in, crackers, cookies, pasta, all these types of foods are usually fragile, easily broken or crushed, storing them in jars keeps them from turning into crumbs. I understand you can also do this with flour and other dry commodities that can go stale, rancid or infested with insects.

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