Daily Show ‘salutes’ green celebrities

Lewis Black

Daily Shows Lewis Black, who presents the Back in Black segment, couldn’t resist poking a little fun at the efforts of some celebrities on this year’s Earth Day. The very first Earth Day was organized by the Earth Day Network way back in 1970, and this year’s date was Sunday, April 22nd. Droves of celebrities, including Oprah Winfrey and Matt Damon, came out to support the event – unfortunately, their efforts were deemed patronizing, not helpful, and received lashings from the Daily Show contributor.

The clip is available at Comedy Central and is certainly worth a look if you’re fed up with celebrities telling you how to do it better.

Black edits the clips liberally, inserting commentary at the most (in)appropriate moments some highlights include:

– Oprah’s generous giveaways
– North Pole it’s cold out there
– Matt Damon’s junk mail tips
– Pimp My Ride loves bio-diesel!

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