Crash Course. Where are we heading? How we got here? What could we do about it?

In this series of videos radical ex-scientist Chris Martenson shares a short version of his celebrated Crash Course presentation – which argues the next 20 years are going to be completely unlike the last 20 years.
In a simple and smooth presentation Martenson, a former Vice-President of Pfizer, gives us a systemic understanding of the looming discontinuities in the main trends of energy, ecology and economy. Especially the contradictions in the financial system – “$52 TRILLION of debt and $14 trillion of money.”

I like his presentations and website — an excellent tool for people to understand the connections and complexity of the current crisis and despite the inevitable collapse – an optimistic and eye opening approach to achieving more Resilience as individuals and communities while having a joyful transition to a more simple, more sustainable and more rich way of life.
In his website Peak Prosperity,I found an clear and simple guide for increasing my personal water, energy, food and financial resilience.

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