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James and his Hab
James and his pod

This time next year you could be ordering cardboad accomodation from MyHab. A product design student from the UK won a design prize sponsored by steel company Corus for an inspired temporary habitat to be used at music festivals. James Dunlop who completed a three year ‘Creative Product Design’ Course intends to sell the pods for $120 each and is testing them at a number of festivals this year. My.Hab consists of two recycled plastic components which hold in place a weather treated cardboard skin.”


Inspiration for my.Hab came to James after he read about the impact of flooding at Glastonbury Festival in 2005 when hundreds of festival goers abandoned their tents as areas of the site became waterlogged. The Japanese Architect Shirgeru Ban, who designed refugee shelters in Rwanda, which were made from cardboard, was also an important input.

James says “my.Hab is a temporary accommodation unit. It is environmentally friendly and can be prebooked and personalised online by prospective occupants. My.Hab is then erected on site by the service providers and disposed of when the festival ends.


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