Car is my home, FedEx is my office

Mooch: hosts multiple homeless blogs

By Mooch, owner of Inspired Design & Development – an international Website & Branding company.

I’ve been living out of my car since September 2010; 19+ months now. I have a full-time security job, a gym membership at 24 Hour Fitness and utilize public wi-fi spots to work on client projects. And I’ve never been happier or more successful in my life.

Some say I’m homeless by choice, however, I feel that’s a blanket statement labeling my situation. In mid-2010 I could no longer pay rent at my apartment in California, so my Dad said I could live with him rent free.

Thirty days later he asks me for rent, which I could not pay, so I had to leave. Having nowhere to go and no money or steady work, I decided to drive down to Los Angeles to live out of my car, and grow my new Website & Branding business, since I can do that from anywhere.

For internet access I frequent FedEx every day. They have free Wi-Fi and all I do is go sit in the back and work. I’ve been going there over a year now. They all know me and what I’m about – except for my homeless situation. And I have a laptop and a smart phone. So when I’m not on my laptop I’m on my phone. Researching, blogging, reading, replying to tweets and comments and emails like I am doing now with you. I also have a USB internet card which I have as a backup.

This situation has also allowed me to learn what homelessness really is, and how many levels it actually has. No one teaches you this stuff. There’s no place to learn it, except to live it. I’ve met homeless sleeping on the streets at Skid Row, in tents, tree-houses, vehicles, RVs, couch surfing etc. Some have jobs, kids, businesses, laptops, iPads, cell phones etc. Today, homelessness is growing, but the internet is a fantastic tool to help get their goals in-line and better their lives for themselves and their families.

In these 19 months, my business has grown 300% into an international registered company with clients in 4 countries on 3 continents. I started the #NoBoxBlogs Project – Free Blogs for Homeless Worldwide via https://noboxblogs.com to prove to those that doubt, and those who simply aren’t educated, that we are online, we are passionate, and we are more than our circumstance.

I can go on, as I have multiple online projects benefiting my homeless friends around the globe, but I figured you didn’t want a novel.  You may want to check out this video where I show the ins and outs of my car.


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  1. It’s been nearly two years since this was posted. Now that I’m no longer homeless, I’m even more devoted to giving back. Thank you Nick and everyone at Off-Grid for your support in helping others. Whatever it takes!

  2. Hey Michael & Catherine.

    Thanks for your feedback! I just wanted to come back here and say that the staff at FedEx Office delivered me another lead. Whenever a customer brings up the need for a website, they refer them to me. Countless benefits from working here! :)

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