April 11, 2012


Car is my home, FedEx is my office

By Mooch, owner of Inspired Design & Development – an international Website & Branding company.

I’ve been living out of my car since September 2010; 19+ months now. I have a full-time security job, a gym membership at 24 Hour Fitness and utilize public wi-fi spots to work on client projects. And I’ve never been happier or more successful in my life.

Some say I’m homeless by choice, however, I feel that’s a blanket statement labeling my situation. In mid-2010 I could no longer pay rent at my apartment in California, so my Dad said I could live with him rent free.

Thirty days later he asks me for rent, which I could not pay, so I had to leave. Having nowhere to go and no money or steady work, I decided to drive down to Los Angeles to live out of my car, and grow my new Website & Branding business, since I can do that from anywhere.

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