Camping Water Filters

No matter how beautiful and unspoilt the scenery, how clear and pure it might seem, water taken from streams or springs can contain bacteria our stomachs can’t stand. These portable water purifiers let you drink water wherever you are, without getting sick.

Katadyn Pocket

Pocket Water Filter

Katadyn’s Pocket Water Filter is small and weighs 550 g. A ceramic cartridge removes waterborne pathogens through chemical-free filtration. It is fast and can treat 1 L per minute. The cheapest we found was $188 from campingsurvival.com.

Katadyn also make the Hiker Microfilter. It’s much cheaper, at $54 and also smaller and lighter (330g). It’ll remove big bacteria only and is good for day trips.

MSR WaterWorks Ex ceramic filter gets good reviews. On top of the ceramic cartridge it has a membrane to remove viruses and very small particles, so it’ll be excellent for use in countries where water quality is particularly bad. Price $140, from MSR online store


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  1. I have the msr miniworx (mini pump) and love it but my wife and I just bought the new msr autoflow gravity filter and after using it last weekend, it is now our new camping water filter choice. It is so light weight and simple to use there isn’t much else to say other than its awesome. Nice post by the way.

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