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Roy Riggs grimaces his lips to emit his favourite sound: ssshhhhh…. its the sound of white noise.

That is what he wants to hear when he turns on one of the seven gizmos packed neatly into his black leather attache case.

Riggs is a Geopathic and electromagnetic energy consultant, operating from his home in Brighton UK. White noise means there are no unhealthy outside influences in the vicinity. No mobile phone masts, no underground rivers, no wireless modems or other electronic gadgets.

he is an expert on what are the tolerable levels of interference – tolerable that is to the electromagnetic arrangements of any human bodies that happen to be in the area.

He might be measuring a detached home on behalf of a prospective buyer or the palace of a Saudi Prince.

Riggs first studied arboriculture at Agricultural College in Cumbria and spent his early life as a forester. At the age of 30 he joined the Cheshire Constabulary serving as a rural beat officer for 8 years then transferred to the London Metropolitan Police where he served a further 17 years mainly as a permanent beat officer in the heart of London’s Soho district. During his police service he studied environmental science at the Open University and in December 1998 obtained his B.Sc degree.

Roy retired from the police service at the age of 55 years to undertake further studies in the field of dowsing and geobiology in Germany with biophysicist Dr. Luger Mersmann and Adolf Packeiser a graduate from the Institute for Research in Geobiology. Roy is also certified by the International Institute for Building Biology and Ecology as an electromagnetic energy consultant. Roy is also a professional Earth Energy dowser and has had articles published in both the Namaste magazine, The British Society of Dowsers quarterly journal and the Institute of Geology and Geography Vilnius Lithuania.
Roy continues to commit himself to the study and health consequences of both natural and manmade electromagnetic environments. He has been a guest lecturer at London Westminster University’s School of Integrative Medicine, The British College of Osteopathic Medicine, The Royal Homeopathic Hospital London, Foresight- (The Association of Preconceptual Care), and is a member of the science committee for The Baltic Dowser’s Association Lithuania.

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