July 1, 2013


Buy real estate with Earth Energy advice


Roy Riggs grimaces his lips to emit his favourite sound: ssshhhhh…. its the sound of white noise.

That is what he wants to hear when he turns on one of the seven gizmos packed neatly into his black leather attache case.

Riggs is a Geopathic and electromagnetic energy consultant, operating from his home in Brighton UK. White noise means there are no unhealthy outside influences in the vicinity. No mobile phone masts, no underground rivers, no wireless modems or other electronic gadgets.

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Aussie power bills hurting families

VICTORIA STATE – AUSTRALIA – The average annual electricity bill in the Shepparton region is $2638 compared to the state average of $2210.57 and national average of a swinging $2522.96.

On a local Facebook page, the talk was all about the power bills:

● Tracey said: It’s killing us, $800 to $1000 a quarter. I feel sorry for the old folks who get pensions.

● Jody said: I’m very concerned, especially for the elderly, people with disabilities and newborn babies that need electricity, that their care or lives may suffer for this. Everyone will struggle, but those more vulnerable even more so. Winter concessions I’m not sure will increase, but it won’t be enough. Those who require electricity for machines, respiratory and medical equipment also have to endure high cost that may be potentially life threatening and at a cost of personal and family hardship. But doesn’t matter as long as government and private enterprises get their money, who cares?

● Rachel said: I pay $140 a fortnight and that doesn’t cover all my bill.

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Power being decentralised in Germany

Perhaps its because of the political structure, with powerful local government, but Germany’s centralised energy system is dissolving.
Germany’s power companies are closing power plants and scrapping plans for new ones. The nation had a freak-out after the Fukushima disaster and decided to abolish nuclear power by 2023. Meanwhile, energy prices continue to sink, and solar installation continues to grow. By decentralizing power generation, the renewables boom could do to the power industry what the internet did to the media: put power in the hands of the little guy, and force power companies to rethink how they do business.
As soon as the sun comes out, that is.

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