Aussie power bills hurting families

VICTORIA STATE – AUSTRALIA – The average annual electricity bill in the Shepparton region is $2638 compared to the state average of $2210.57 and national average of a swinging $2522.96.

On a local Facebook page, the talk was all about the power bills:

● Tracey said: It’s killing us, $800 to $1000 a quarter. I feel sorry for the old folks who get pensions.

● Jody said: I’m very concerned, especially for the elderly, people with disabilities and newborn babies that need electricity, that their care or lives may suffer for this. Everyone will struggle, but those more vulnerable even more so. Winter concessions I’m not sure will increase, but it won’t be enough. Those who require electricity for machines, respiratory and medical equipment also have to endure high cost that may be potentially life threatening and at a cost of personal and family hardship. But doesn’t matter as long as government and private enterprises get their money, who cares?

● Rachel said: I pay $140 a fortnight and that doesn’t cover all my bill.

● Lorraine said: It really sucks with the bills so high, our bill has been around $800 for a family of four.

● Shannon said: Yep — we have solar and we still have large bills. I am trying to get off the merry-go-round though and get off the grid altogether.

● Craig said: Solar is the go. Our normal bill was about the $800 to $900 mark. Put the solar on our first bill was $234 and the next $0. Saving already and it never stops making me money and saving me money. Best investment I have ever made.

● Jarrod said: Not at all, went solar when buy back was at 33¢. I purchased a 5KW solar system, it turned my $900 summer bill into $80. Got to love solar power.

● Jeannette said: Since the carbon tax, the costs have skyrocketed, the less you use, the more it costs.

● Kyle said: I feel like asking our landlords to put solar on our house so we can save on power bills!

● Tamara said: I would get solar panels if we could afford them! The people that need them can’t afford them — about $6000 was our quote for solar, and that’s for a basic set-up, $12 000 for a good set-up.

● Cassi said: Power bills were fine for me before carbon tax came in. Extra $200 to $300 each bill is hard, even if we’re paying it off per week it’s still not covering the whole bill.

● Arial said: It would be great to get solar, but you still have to come up with a lump-sum deposit and then continue to pay it off.

Nearby Mooroopna recorded an average annual electricity bill of $1652 from 32 members, while Kialla’s average annual bill was $2406 between 31 members.

Tatura’s average annual electricity bill was $2354, based on 22 member reports.

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