My house in a tree

Tree houses are not just for children. A tree house can be a great summer house, studio or reading room

Kid in Treehouse

If you build your tree house yourself, your first and main concern should be safety. The best trees to build houses are oak and beech because they’re strong. For plans and construction advice see this website.

Tree house consultancies can help you design your house and even build it for you. Living Tree is a tree house company that was set up by an arborist, a tree expert. The Tree House Workshop and the Tree House Company provide consulting services if you need advice.


If you want recycled wood to build your tree house you can find some at the Recycled Products guide

Friends Of the Earth good wood guide: where to get good wood from.

Matabu is another tree house company

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  1. Technology has advanced and we’ve made many scientific breakthroughs… We should definitely start considering an off-grid lifestyle. Much cleaner & much more peaceful. Time to use the technology for nature’s good.

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