Want to explore the British countryside? Go off the beaten track with a four-wheel drive, but drive responsibly. There are all sorts of high-sided four-wheel drives as well as Jeeps and Land-Rovers, but if that makes you feel like a poser, there are also some that look like ordinary cars. Here are the best 4×4 car rental places online.


In the UK try shb.co.uk for rental of rugged 4×4 cars, pickups or people carriers: fill an enquiry form online or email 4×4@shb.co.uk. For luxury 4×4 cars email Scotland@shab.co.uk
Tel. +44 (0) 1236 765566 Fax. +44 (0) 1236 755760

Or you can go through a rental agency, 5th Gear represents most big rental companies and they�ll find 4×4 to rent for you. Phone +44 0870 9000 533 for a quote.

Try National car they also have 4×4 cars, and so do Thrifty and Simple Rental Solutions. They are based in Northampton.

For worldwide car rental including 4×4 in the UK see DriveTravel.

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