September 3, 2008


Sun goes down on solar subsidies

Susbidies being cut everywhere
Last month was bad news for the solar industry in the US.

For some years investment tax credits (ITCs) of 30% capped at $2,000 per home have incentivised households to take the jump to a more sustainable energy source, while businesses had an equivalent uncapped credit.

But with the scheme set to expire on 31 December, the Senate has blocked a renewal bill eight times.

The loss of these incentive payouts from the federal government could affect much more than the number of houses powered by the sun.

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Stars’ green cosmetics

Dunst: balanced
We are all concerned about synthetic ingredients in everyday cosmetics. It’s no surprise that celebrities (notoriously fussy about what they put on their skin and hair) are such big fans of green beauty. Here’s some products the stars love to help them stay green and gorgeous.

Natural Organic Edible Cosmetics, from £4.99 to £30, available at selected Waitrose stores, nationwide CELEBRITY FANS: Gwyneth Paltrow, Michelle Pfeiffer. THIS American skincare brand uses ‘food-grade’ ingredients extracted from highly anti-oxidant and vitamin-packed fruits and vegetables, making it 100 per cent natural.

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