Zach Galifianakis helps Prop 19

Nice one Zach
In Bored to Death (HBO) Zach Galifianakis (see his home here) plays a schleppy best guy pal, with man-slob habits and a predilection for white wine and cannabis.

So it was less of a surprise, but still a surprise, when he pulled out a joint on the Bill Maher show as a way to make pot smoking less taboo.

He has done more for Proposition 19 by that action than even George Soros’s $1m donation to the Yes campaign last week.

The Yes campaign had been gaining all through October, but was still lagging.

Galifianakis has probably ensured the Yes campaigners go into the vote level, or better.

Don’t forget to Vot…….

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  1. Thank you Zach it’s time someone came out and openly endorsed the smartest thing California has ever attempted to do. Instead of putting money in criminal’s hands(cartels) let the state that desperately needs income benefit from it. Not to mention the amount of money saved not wasting time and tax dollars prosecuting frivolous marijuana violations. YES ON 19!!!!!!

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