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Now it’s time for participation… yes, that means you! :) Of course this is strictly optional, I think it may make things more interesting around here. What do I want you to do, you ask? It’s simple, what do you want me to write about? Do you have any questions you would like for me to answer? Anything at all? Do you have any subjects that you would like me to address? Is there anything I have written about that you would like more details or clairification? I’ll do my best to answer any questions posted here.

>>EDIT<< I realized I said "anything at all", but this really means anything having to do with the subjects in this blog or related to things in this blog. :) You could ask about other things, I may or may not answer though.

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  1. Bob, I don’t know if you will see this, but I LOVE YOU so much, I can’t wait to get back home (yes, I finally used that phrase!), it will not be long now, I’m counting the days.

    Sorry to those of you who aren’t Bob and had to witness this blatant display of love. Now back to our regularly scheduled programing. :)


  2. Mayberry & Seth

    Thanks for your great questions, I answered them on the main page so everyone could read them.

    If you or anyone else have more questions, please feel free to ask. :)


  3. i like hearing about the practical things, like about your solar set up, what you are doing for water storage. Personal topics are nice too, but that is at your discretion.
    I always look forward to your posts.

  4. I’d like to know the background story to how y’all wound up where y’all are. Where did y’all live before, how did y’all get from there to where y’all are now, and how much better is life now versus “the old life”…..

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