Yes, Texas has mountains…


…and other random thoughts. :) One of the questions I get asked when I tell people where I live (on a mountain side, in the high desert, of far western Texas), they ask “Texas has mountains?” or “I didn’t know there were mountains in Texas…”. Well I’m here to tell you that Texas DOES have mountains, I live a mile high, in the Davis Mountains, which used to be called the Apache Mountains, fitting for me because I am part Apache (as well as Comanche), not enough to claim any benefits, but enough to give me some physical features and a wonderful heritage.

I can say that I feel so much at home here, like I have come home, I always wanted to live in the mountains and in the desert, I get to do both.

Onto another subject, working a job, there was no job for me to come to when I moved here, fortunately the property was inexpensive (read cheap) and I was able to fully pay for it, there was just enough left over to build the beginnings of what would become the sky castle.

I started out working for the Country Store in the middle of our community, that allowed me to really get to know everyone, I was able to network with the locals to barter for building materials and such. I did that for a few years, then I went to work for a home health care company, I’m not a health professional, instead I was a caretaker for a friend, I did that for 5 years.

Just a few weeks ago, another job literally fell into my lap, it’s essentially the same job I did when I lived in the city, but instead of doing it at one store, I get to travel all over western Texas and merchandise many different stores. The main ones are the dollar stores of which there are many around. I am teamed up with a lady I know quite well, we make a great team together.

One of the good things about doing this sort of work is I am being physical again, crawling around on the floor, getting up and down, on ladders, moving product, changing displays and such. I feel so much better physically, mentally and spiritually, this is really a good thing for me.

Since I am going all over the western part of Texas, I am getting to know the area better, learning where everything is, there are miles and miles of empty, desolate landscape between these towns, but there is beauty out there, it’s all there for the eyes to feast upon.

That’s what has been going on in my life. Here are some pictures to enjoy. Click to view full size.







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