Woody Harrelson: Getting off the grid

Harrelson is an all-organic vegan, and he and his family spend time well off the grid in the Hawaiian forest with 40 other families in a community that has no power lines sticking into it and no sewers or water mains under its earth.

Harrelson loves Hemp and Hawaii

It’s a totally self-sufficient way of life that Harrelson thinks is more achievable than most believe. He offers tips on how to do it on the people-power Web site he and his wife, Laura Louie, have created at www.voiceyourself.com.

But how does a mega-star rationalize his larger-than-life existence with his simple aspirations?

“I don’t live larger than life. I live a very simple life in a simple home with a simple power supply coming from the sun. I pick my breakfast in the morning off a mango tree, and I’m as happy as a friggin’ boy can be.

“Organic produce is number one because we’ve got to stop using pesticides.” Food is the biggest of the many issues that fire Harrelson, both for personal health and the health of the planet. “Before even thinking about bio-diesel, solar panels, anything get energy into your body first.” And don’t even think of dairy. “Yeah, milk does a body good if you’re a calf.”

Woody and Laura

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  1. GOD….i have been off the map for several years, in the city. URL blockers, my work is under table, identity unkown. Ex-Army Ranger, It is not hard to do this really, you get to the point where you had enough trying to be good guy joe, worked hard, tried to do good for everyone, get screwed by recession, you have four choices, go on welfare/unemployment until it runs out…slave to J.P. Morgan, lose your whole family(divorce), lose house, cars, everything run off and commit suicide, Become homeless/in prisons(by whatever means…) OR drop off the GRID. Esoteric Agenda, Zietgeist,…There is tons of information that give one millions of reasons to do this…..and you don’t have to afford tons of money to do this or move to the sticks. First things first, get out of the mind prison…..Be strong, not rambo, not tough guy, those will die first, be smart, think about how to not be seen, think about how you will not hurt anyone and survive. There are ways to make free electricity, purify water..have all your comforts without paying for them or paying some rediculious amount to stock food…all these instructions are free, we true of the grid, are not going to charge you…solar Panels????such bullshit.

  2. New Prime Time Reality Show being launched. Taking a Country to Sustainable Energy. Eliminate the need for fossil fuels!!!
    I need Woody Harrelson to join our efforts.

  3. i’m always amazed when i hear someone like woody harrelson take it upon his self and make a move to preserve this planet the we don’t have a replacement for. i know mr harrelson have the means and certainly the finances to live as lavish and extravagant if he wanted too. but instead, he chooses to live like the rest of us common folks. well done mr harrelson, you appear to be one of the few humans in Hollywood with common sense. cause from my point of view, i would say it dosen’t make sense to destroy what u can’t replace. now if we can just get the other 305 million Americans on a straight and narrow path of common sense thinking we might get more than we deserve out of this little blue planet that we call home.

  4. You go Woody.
    I’ve been composting and growing worms for the fertilizer for years.
    Never have used chemicals. While everyone around us is burning leaves, my wife and I have know that that gift from trees shouldn’t be wasted.
    Keep it up.

  5. Hemp was one of the nations number one export until it was banned. I think Woody is doing something that is healthy and thats great. I wonder what they do for entertainment. Probably surfing everyday, smoking, and eating good. What a life congrads Woody you the man. Mitch Wood

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