Womyn’s Day

Alapines community event
Alapines community event
Its International Women’s Day tomorrow, so a good time to highlight the off-the-grid, female-only colonies which have sprung up over the past decade.

Across America, there are around 100 off-grid communities where anybody saddled with a Y chromosome is forbidden. Welcome to America’s Womyn’s Lands. These largely lesbian communities started life in the 1970s when a cluster of revolutionary women founded a camp on the beach in St Augustine, Florida. Today, one of the largest Womyn’s Lands is found in rural Alabama, in a camp called Alapine Village. Here 13 women (most aged between 50 and 80) co-exist, working the land by day and meeting for ‘community full moon circles’ (activities: singing and reading poems) by night – all largely unnoticed by their Bible Belt neighbours.

Another example is the Silver Sun Womyn’s Community in Asheville, North Carolina. Its a 10 acre+ diverse community of womyn and lesbians living both independently and, when necessary, by consensus rule, in a matriarchal tribal-like retreat-style setting. Each individual is financially responsible for herself and live in individually owned cottage/yurt with 50-year (end of life) land-leases from the trust, which all direct. Land contains Common House for group and shared functions. Modern but rustic (not primitive), Eco-friendly and as much as is practical and possible self-sustaining and off-the-grid. Food producing gardens, green house and chickens.

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