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When you think of someone living off-grid, chances are you either think of a man or perhaps a couple (or even a family), but it’s doubtful you will think of a single woman going off-grid, especially an older lady. Well I’m here to tell you, there are women living off-grid on their own, homesteading, doing the things that are traditionally done by the men.

As a female myself, I can tell you it’s convenient to have a man around to do the hard jobs, to do the really messy jobs, to reach the taller things, even to unscrew that stubborn lid, it’s convenient but not a requirement! I love my man and am glad we are doing this together, but it’s not an impossible thing to do on your own ladies, if you really wish to do this!

As long as you are in decent health and have a few skills, ladies you can do this. Having some smarts helps too, of course there might be somethings that are just physically difficult to do, that’s when you hire someone to help, whether you pay with money, or you trade something you can do (cooking, mending, fixing, and the such), don’t get fussy with me if you are a liberal woman and are offended by my words, this is what I would do if I didn’t have my PB around to do the heavy lifting.

Out where I live there are quite a few ladies, some in the +60 and even +70 age range who live on their own, not necessarily living off-grid, but living in a wild place with no city amenities or conveniences around. Many of them grew up on ranches, but not all, some did come from the city and just made it work through their own strength and perseverance.

Here are a few ladies who are doing this on their own


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  1. Hi, I’m a 55 year old male, I have a Siberian husky we have been just roaming up and down the east coast for the past two years, I am looking for a place to stop and get off-grid any help would be appreciated thx

  2. I’m an older woman of 64, who has lived off-grid for 6 yrs. I live in a big woods, in a tiny cabin w basement & 2 sheds. I have to admit I don’t have animals, except 2 cats, because of too many predators out here. I tried. I live about 16 miles out. I’ve had Bear on & under my deck, every kind of wildlife out here. Even cougar have been sighted within a few miles & 3 blocks down. That wasn’t something I counted on when I moved here. I only have an acre of my own property but that’s plenty to keep up with!.No neighbors. Peaceful & serene. I get water from an artesian well down the road. I have an outhouse. A veg & flower gardens in summer. Do my laundry by hand in an old wringer washer & hang on clothes line. Burn my garbage but dump is only 2 miles away for recyclables. Mow my own lawn & shovel my own driveway which can take me a couple of days. I own snowblower but don’t use it cuz I like the exercise in dead of 5 months of snow. Driveway is pretty big. Keep up as much as I can w repairs & upkeep around here. Sometimes hire help. I try to get into town about 6 times a month to shop & get supplies, haircut, restaurant, meet friends, church, etc. I really do “Rough it ” out here. My cabin is cute & cozy & has a new roof but it’s not at all fancy. I have only what I need & a few wants. I love it & wouldnt want it any different. This is what I chose. Am pretty healthy, didn’t get sick at all this year since I retired. Just wanted to let you know there are older women out there living this lifestyle!

    1. Just so fed up with ongrid life. I just turned 67. Widowed 2x. Have 2 dogs. wondering if I could actually pull the plug and live the life. Physically, I am strong, if slow. In good health. I think I would like to visit someone living the life successfully before i make drastic decisions. Might I visit?

  3. my name is Shawnna im 43yrs old im a hard worker, willing to learn, easy to get along with, i love life, optimistic, physically well put together, can hold my own…pretty tough for a girl..lol i can follow directions, work rite beside you, not scared to get dirty…i have a desire to learn an live off-grid. i cant figure out how to send photos this way but if your interested we can exchhange them thru txt

    1. How about a 49 year old widower and disabled army veteran that lives on 10 acres of land outside of Leslie Arkansas in the mountains in a 2 story cabin with a spring fed pond my name is Robert 870-841-0918

      1. I’m ready to move away from the mess and the stress. Find someway to live without pressure of a list of things I’ve made to do and haven’t done. Just want to enjoy life, spend some time writing, soaking in what is left of beautiful world. Honestly not sure if I have what it takes to be off-grid. you are in the neighborhood, so to speak. I’m in Spokane…I’m old so there’s that. But would it be alright to arrange a visit to your off-grid location to see what it’s like? Maybe you and Shawanna will need a chaperone, or house mom, or…?

    1. Do you have anymore info ,pics im 45 healthy and been thinkingbabout going off-grid where iur you situated im from england.michelle

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