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Everyone has a wish list, right? Although one of the secrets to happiness is being contented with what you have, you can still wish for more and better, just as long as those thoughts don’t take over your entire world.

Honestly, I’m pretty contented with my life, I have a place to live, have few and small bills, have a good vehicle to drive, have great family-friends-neighbors and pets… That being said, I do have a wish list, things that could be better-improved or changed, here it is.

I wish I could have planned the sky castle better, we started out in one room (16×16 ft) and it grew organically from there, one room and one deck at a time were added, organic is the key word here, there was no master plan. I am not unhappy with our place though, it has kept us dry and warm and keeps us & our stuff safe.

I wish I could have a full set of the same type of solar panels, in an earlier article (https://off-grid.net/wretha/mixing-different-solar-panels), I wrote about the pros and cons of having dissimilar solar panels hooked together, the pros are it works and usually is financially expedient because you are building and adding to your system in small increments, the cons are they don’t work as well as they can. I do plan on upgrading my system to include larger solar panels and hopefully a MPPT charge controller.

Of course, I’d love to have more battery power, we get by OK on what we have, it’s just when we have multiple days with no sun that it becomes a problem.

A few more wishes would be, more storage, we did not build in closets and the such, it’s inconvenient but not a deal breaker, closets and cabinets, don’t leave those out when you plan/build your place. I would love to have more bedding, especially blankets, actually I have quite a few blankets, but I would like to have warmer ones, wool blankets have been the best kind I have found so far, they are lightweight but hold lots of heat, I have used down blankets and while they are great for heat, they tend to shed their downy filling, I have enough dog hair to deal with, I don’t want feathers and down to go with that.

My biggest wish is something I can’t really do anything about, and that would have been to start living this life much earlier in my life, I’m still young and healthy enough to do the things we do, but I think about how much better things could have been if we had started this 10 years earlier…. this is a hint toward those who want to do this, but are hesitating, procrastinating, for whatever reasons…. if this is what you want to do, then DO IT :) Don’t wait for some future magical moment to come around, start living your life and dreams now, even if it’s just baby steps, do it.

I’m sure I could write out a hundred more wishes, I’ll stop here though, wishing and dreaming are fine,  but doing something about those wishes and dreams is even better. Another hint here is to not spend energy and time on those things you can’t change (like my wish above about starting sooner), treat it like a pretty butterfly that passes though, give it a little time then focus on the things you can do something about.

What are your wishes? What would you do differently? What would you be doing right now if you could live the way you really wanted to? What are you doing to achieve these wishes?

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