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The Do It Green site has a fine roundup of recent articles about living off the grid, full of neat examples and useful links.

(Picture courtesy of Tolka River)

It links to an article at ElectronicHouse featuring an architect designed off-grid home � luxury on the cheap by the look of it, near San Jose CA. A quote from the article,

“Once we did the research and realized it was possible to run a �normal� house off the grid, we really got into the idea…This was also during the time of Enron and brownouts in California.”


(Picture courtesy of mjovery)

An energy kit was installed by Planetary Systems, plus a back-up power generator, and a windmill system to help out with the energy consumption.

he needs the power to run the following:

  • A 56-inch Samsung DLP
  • An InFocus IN76 projector
  • A Vonage phone setup
  • A Mac with EyeTV software
  • A PlayStation 3

Another article referenced is Living Off The Grid which talks about how this family manages to survive without all of the ammenities that the Mitchell’s have. The author of the article, and the individual who lives in this home notes,

“We have lived in our home in the woods for the past twelve years without electricity, running water or telephone. It has been an exciting experience.”

If you truly want to live off the grid and do it green, you should definitely check out the article. It truly tells you how this family lives in all aspects of the infrastructure of their lives- from how their house is heated, to how they get water, etc.

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