What’s wrong with my life?

Absolutely nothing! The sky castle, our fun little home, is fully off-grid, we have a fairly small system, turned out to be easier to start it from the ground rather than trying to convert an existing house to being off-grid…

Living in a small community, the things people say usually doesn’t take long to get around, I was talking to a friend and that friend told me that someone else had told him how they couldn’t understand how I could put up with living like this… honestly this isn’t the first time I’ve heard that sentiment. My reaction was “Put up with??? What am I “putting up with”???”

I have the feeling this came from one of the older residents out here who are pretty set in their ways, who live in a certain manner and couldn’t live with the perceived “inconveniences” I must live with on a daily basis.

So what is it that I am “putting up with”? Well, in many ways my life is just like anyone else’s life, I get up in the morning (or later), I wash up, I get dressed, I check my computer to see what is going on in the world, I eat, use the bathroom, I go to work if it’s a work day, I come home, fix dinner, play with the internet, talk to a friend or two, then go to bed. I have running water, I have electric lights, I have a computer, I don’t have TV but wouldn’t have it anyhow, I cook like everyone else, I eat like everyone else, I sleep in a bed like anyone else…

So what is different about my life. I suppose the biggest things are I live in a sky castle that my hubby built, you wouldn’t know it from the inside though, I generate all of my own power, ohhhh now that’s different! Oh and we are in 0 debt, that is probably the biggest difference from us and main stream America.

Honestly, there are some things that are a bit different, OK living in a homemade castle is fun, I smile to myself each time I come home, people are starting to know us by our home “Oh that’s YOUR castle??? How cool!”, having to be aware of how much power we use, if it a cloudy day, I can’t play on the internet all day or all night long. My fridge is really a converted chest freezer, we do have to be aware of how much water we use, since we haul our own water, same thing goes for the propane bottles, I have to make sure we have a couple of spare filled propane bottles handy.

My laundry, I have 2 choices for that, I can either do it by hand, something I often do but not every time, or I can haul it down to my neighbor’s house and do it there. I will do it there if I have something I need done quickly and don’t have time to do it by hand and wait for it to dry.

So I ask you, what’s so wrong about how we live? I don’t feel like I’m missing out on anything. :)

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  1. Funny ;)
    But it’s hard to make plastic people understand that it’s not them who cover “pioneer spirit” by watching Wild West movies on TV…

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