What we can learn from Glamping

AA Battery can power a string of tiny LEDs
AA Battery can power a string of tiny LEDs
Its easy to forget when you live off the grid that life is meant to be fun. Its hard work running your own power station and harvesting your own water and dealign with your own waste.

So sometimes you overlook the little things that can make all the difference to your mood, or to the pleasure of your partner or immediate family and friends.

So here are some little tips that could help you just add a but of fairy dust to your off-grid life.

1. Funky lighting can transform any area; long summer evening festoon LED lights and coloured LED lighting will turn a boring old field or woodland clearing into a space ready to party all night long!

2. Don’t be scared to use big, bold, strong colours! No need for shades of green and brown, even if they are my favourite colors. It’s summer so think pinks, blues, greens and yellow!

3. Nothing says party like bunting and flags! You can make your own out of anything you can get your hands on; from old patchwork to boat sails, get creative!

4. Serve your ddrinks cold!! Whether its water, beer or champagne there is no excuse for warm drinks – there is a variety of ice bag wine coolers come onto the market. So wherever you are, you can have a bottle within arm’s reach!

5. Props and decorations; from upturned old boats to farm yard machinery, incorporate anything which is natural to the environment.

6. Candles, candles, candles! Have a variety and scatter them far and wide! Place tea lights in old jam jars and hang them from trees. Group them together but position them at different heights to create features dotted around your site!

7. Think about the table; it is where you can pass hours amongst those dearest to you so make sure there’s plenty of space for everyone. Why not get creative and use an old door with a sheet thrown over it…?

8. Fun food; choose food which involves everyone. Whether you’re with friends or family everyone can roll their sleeves up and muck in. Break chunks of fresh bread into baskets and serve hot food on rustic oak serving boards.

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